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Chrome Web Store link to the Nano Donate extension

What is Nano Donate?

Nano Donate is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Brave which allows you to donate Nano digital currency to participating websites. Simple and easy!

Sample Donation Page
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What is Nano?

Nano is a global currency with instant transactions and zero fees over a secure, decentralized network. Learn more at

Where do I download Nano Donate?

Nano Donate is available in the Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web Store link to the Nano Donate extension

I own a website. How do I accept Nano donations through the Nano Donate extension?

Simply add a nano meta tag to your HTML with the following format:

<meta name="nano" content="ENTER_YOUR_NANO_DONATION_ADDRESS_HERE"/>

Nano donations sent through Nano Donate will arrive at the address you specify in the meta tag.

Depending on your website's architecture you could choose to specify a Nano donation address for your entire website or on a page-per-page basis. It's up to you!

Is there another way to accept Nano donations on my website?

Yes! Use our helpful generator below to create a special HTML tag to add to your web page. You can add as many tags as you'd like. When a Nano Donate user opens the extension on your page they will see the information you enter below.
Detailed explanation

Nano Donate searches for instances of a <nano-donate> HTML tag inside the <body> tag upon page load. When it finds an instance it reads the tag's attributes and uses the attributes to display values within the extension.

The attributes are:

  • data-address - (required) - The Nano address where donations will be sent. Both nano_ and xrb_ prefixes are supported.
  • data-address-owner - (required) - Description / name of the Nano address owner e.g. their username, donation campaign name etc...
  • data-image - The image will be displayed as the Nano address owner's avatar. This must be a direct URL to the image itself. Images linked to should be square in dimensions for perfect display and should not have a large file size. All image extensions should work. Defaults to a built-in avatar (pixelated, green smiley face)
  • data-role - This is the role that the Nano address owner has on your website. For example if they are the developer of the website you can set it to "Developer". Other role examples could be "Article Author" or "Donation Campaign".
  • data-title - This is the text displayed as a call-to-action for the donator. For example "If you like this content please consider donating". Defaults to "Donate to"

If any of the two required attributes are missing or if an invalid Nano address is supplied Nano Donate will not process the HTML tag.

<nano-donate> HTML tags are invisible to visitors of your website.

The following is an example of a complete <nano-donate> HTML tag:

  data-role="Article Author"
  data-title="Like my article? Donate to"

Although it doesn't really matter where inside the <body> tag you place the <nano-donate> HTML tag/s, we suggest placing them just before the closing tag of the <body> tag.

Nano Donate HTML Tag Generator
Preview of how the donation screen will look:

Donate to

Donations will be sent to the following address:

Where can I get a Nano address in order to receive donations?

If you need a Nano donation address you can download one of the many Nano wallets which should provide you with a Nano address.

Once you enable Nano Donate on your website we recommend sending a few small test 0.0001 nano donations from the extension to this donation Nano address to test that everything is set up correctly.

Is there a fee involved?

Absolutely not! Nano itself is feeless and so is Nano Donate.

Can I trust this extension?

Full source code for Nano Donate is available on its GitHub page.

Which websites are Nano Donate-enabled?

Here are just a handful of websites enabled for donations:

If you enable your website for Nano Donate please let us know!

Nano Donate is brought to you by Nano Charts. By using this extension you agree that the author is not liable for any loss or damage arising directly through use of this extension.
Source Code on GitHub