Passwordless Authentication with Nano

The proof-of-concept below demonstrates how the cryptocurrency Nano can be used to authenticate yourself to a website without the use of a password. A small authentication fee is sent from your Nano address to register a linked account. Future authentication attempts are performed by sending a small authentication fee from the same Nano address to gain access to the linked account created during registration. Fees are refunded.
Read an article explaining the entire process in depth.
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Send authentication fee from wallet or scan QR code below and send authentication fee from your mobile wallet.
Do not close or refresh the browser tab.
Time remaining
Manual method: Send exactly Nano to
Valid amounts are refunded after authentication.
Failed to authenticate. Please refresh the page and try again.
Disclaimer: This is a proof-of-concept and as such will not be as robust as a production system. Please check all outgoing amounts in your wallet before sending. While all valid authentication fees should be refunded automatically and they are very small fees, it's possible that some may get lost due to undiscovered bugs / server outages. Registered Nano addresses are stored in a backend database but are deleted after one week of authentication inactivity. Authentication data is encrypted and stored in your browser's LocalStorage area.
By using this proof-of-concept you agree that the author cannot be held liable for any loss of funds or damage that you incur as a result of its use.
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